WMF Services


The Weber Murphy Fox design process initiates with information gathering through discussion, observation, and research. This identifies the key benchmarks of a project…

…what is the biggest problem?
…what are the expected outcomes?
…what has the greatest potential?

We add the experience and expertise of our Construction Management Practice, integrating cost and schedule data points to our information database so that we can focus decisions on project specific information culminating in Information Driven Design. The application of informed decisions begins with analysis and implementation. We influence the solutions when information transforms to spaces, volumes and materials.

Interior Design

Regardless of the building type…corporate offices, retail stores, academic buildings, civic venues, entertainment spaces, sporting venues or cultural settings; interior spaces need to be designed for the users living and working within these environments. Interior performance can be measured in human and organizational terms; higher productivity, greater creativity and innovation, increased revenues or patronage, ease of access and enhanced wayfinding. An interior’s effect means designing not just for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use.

At Weber Murphy Fox we recognize the power of a well-designed interior.  Our designers work collaboratively and strategically to deliver innovation, quality and sustainable performance. We understand that the interior spaces help to define the organization’s brand and culture.

Planning and Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture encompasses the art, analysis, planning, design, management and stewardship of built and natural environments. Landscape architects deal with open space land use activities characterized by environmental features, process, and systems. They promote human as well as ecological health and resilience.

At Weber Murphy Fox our landscape architects play an integral role as part of our project teams, deriving immeasurable passion from the sites they plan and the landscapes they design. Combining plant expertise and spatial acuity with a deep appreciation of localized surroundings and history, our landscape architects function in concert within the design team to synthesize buildings with their sites.  

Information gathering is as important to landscape design as it is to building design. The fundamental concept of landscape design is problem solving using horticultural science, artful composition, and spatial organization to create attractive and functional outdoor spaces and circulation for different uses. Integrating visual qualities with sustainable practices are reflected in the firm’s designs. 

​Construction Management

For almost 40 years Weber Murphy Fox has understood the value of an integrated design and construction team. Communication and input from both sides of the project equation delivers better projects, in a timelier fashion and for the best financial outcome. As a visionary disruptor, WMF integrates design and construction perspectives from the onset. By doing so, we collect and analyze significantly more data earlier in the process. This allows our clients to make highly informed and confident decisions…when decisions have the greatest impact.    

Since 1983, WMF has formed our project teams to include in-house design and construction professionals. Today we continue to integrate technologies in our processes. We find that this enhances communication, increases efficiencies, and reduces process waste.

We believe strongly that an integrated project delivery approach offers our clients the best value as they invest in their facilities and people. This collaborative posture is in our DNA. It defines who we are, and more importantly what we can and do deliver to our clients.