School (K-12) Architecture

PT School District by WMF

WMF’s experience is substantially deeper than most “school architects” because we have built a large percentage of the schools we design. This aspect influences how we schedule, estimate, buy, and administer construction contracts. It also has a huge impact on the design and engineering solutions we recommend.

Our integrated project delivery approach allows us to extend design consciousness into the construction phases in a way not possible without the integrated viewpoint — definitely different from most design firms.

Regardless of the delivery system ... “because we are builders, we are better architects and because we are architects, we are better builders.”

School (K-12) Project Types

  • Early Learning Centers
  • Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
  • Independent Schools
  • Technical/Vocational Schools
  • Outdoor Learning Environments
  • Interscholastic Athletics

High Performance Schools 

School board members and school administrators are responsible to ensure that all students in the district have every opportunity to succeed. As school architects, WMF is routinely challenged with designing high-performance schools. Defined as the cost-effective incorporation of quality design features and evolving technology, high performance schools seek to fundamentally change the design, construction, and operation of schools to:

  • Protect student and staff health and enhance the learning environments of school children everywhere.
  • Conserve energy, water, and other natural resources.
  • Reduce waste, pollution, and environmental degradation.

A high-performance solution requires an integrated planning approach. It demands both the design and build sides of the equation to look at project objectives, building materials, systems and assemblies from diverse perspectives.