Recreation and Athletics Architecture

PSU Rec Center by WMF

As recreation and athletics architects we recognize today’s recreation centers and athletic arenas must accommodate a wide range of users by offering a variety of venues. Recreation and athletic facilities often offer its users a social connection in addition to the sport or wellness activity with spaces to meet, sit, and talk.

Recreation facilities can include indoor pools and high-volume spaces for recreational activities like basketball courts. Occasionally, at the collegiate level, they include competition venues which demand different space allocation. They can also include support facilities for administrative functions, general locker rooms, team locker rooms, and training rooms. Also important is wayfinding that directs the user to the spaces that they wish to use during their visit.

Current trends and research conducted by our recreation and athletics architects have produced relevant blogs posts.

Recreation and Athletics Project Types

  • Collegiate Recreation Centers & Wellness Centers
  • Corporate Wellness Centers
  • YMCAs
  • Community Centers
  • Fitness Spaces and Gymnasiums
  • Group Exercise Rooms and Classrooms
  • Locker rooms and Associated Functions
  • Administrative and Support Spaces
  • Enhanced Spaces (vending, juice bars, food service, retail sales, child care, etc.)
  • Physical Therapy Spaces
  • Pools
  • Athletic Spaces (ballfields, arenas, etc.)
  • Outdoor Spaces (practice fields, wellness trails, etc.)