Peters Township New High School

Peters Township School District

Peters Township New High School
Peters Township New High School
Peters Township New High School
Peters Township New High School
Peters Township New High School

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After completing a district-wide feasibility study, a new high school was determined to be the best solution for the District.   The stated goals of the project are to provide a more efficient floor plan and building layout to meet educational program requirements, provide flexible classrooms for current instructional pedagogies, separate athletics, academics and fine arts into separate wings to allow for securing of the facility depending of the event(s) on campus and create a highly energy efficient facility that will save the District significant operating costs for years to come.


A 298,000 GSF high school was designed on the site of a former country club.  The project includes a drop-off plaza for 30 buses, parking spaces for approximately 400 students, 200 staff parking spaces, 20 visitor parking spaces and 120 additional parking spaces in the bus plaza for use during after-hours events.   To maximize the building's after-hours use, the floor plan is organized by three wings converging in a lobby-commons area immediately off the main entrance. The wings are designated as: (1) Fine Arts: featuring a secure main entrance, 1,200-seat auditorium, 600-seat cafeteria, four large group instruction areas, music classrooms, a TV studio, art classrooms, technology education classrooms, and administrative, health and guidance suites. (2) Academic: With 47 general instruction classrooms, 13 science labs, three BCIT classrooms, a large group instruction area, special education classrooms and teacher planning classrooms, all organized around a central two-story learning commons. (3) Athletics: housing a 2,000-seat gym, physical education and team locker rooms, an adaptive gymnasium, weight room and fitness room.


Projected Completion: 2020

  • Planning
  • Programming
  • Space Planning
  • Site Acquisition
  • Budget Development
  • Cost Estimating
  • Architecture
  • Feasibility Study
  • Concept Development
  • Interior Design
  • Land Planning and Development
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Building Assessment
  • Schedule Development
  • Construction Phasing Plan
Associate Architects: Hayes Design Group Architects