Becht Hall Quad Improvements

Clarion University

Becht Hall Quad Improvements
Becht Hall Quad Improvements
Becht Hall Quad Improvements
Becht Hall Quad Improvements
Becht Hall Quad Improvements
Becht Hall Quad Improvements

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In today’s University market, being qualified is not enough. First impressions have a direct impact on how students perceive a University's ability to be successful in the position of educator and fit within the students culture.

Clarion University recognizes that first impressions matter and wanted to leverage their capital maintenance plan to maximize improvement opportunities. The recent renovation to Becht Hall offered a natural starting point to integrate the desired student-centered learning environment.  Goals included:

  • Enhanced aesthetics to the overall campus.
  • Strengthened experiences for guests, students, staff, faculty, etc.
  • Increased ability to stage student activities, alumni functions, and university receptions.


WMF, in concert with University Stakeholders, developed a conceptual design with a phased implementation schedule. 

The design creates a strong overall campus organizing element with clearer campus impressions, better wayfinding, more chance encounters, and an obvious way to organize capital improvements.

The resulting "University Walk" concept:

  • Reinforces open space structure through compelling and consistent landscaping.
  • Strengthens the student experience through seamless accessible movement.
  • Enhances visual character through outdoor amenities that promote a sense of community.


The University is currently pulling together funding for the project including external fundraising activities.

  • Planning
  • Programming
  • Budget Development
  • Cost Estimating
  • Feasibility Study
  • Concept Development
  • Landscape Architecture