Theodore Thwing

Born in Banff, Canada, and raised in Johnstown / Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, Theo has a natural affinity to the beautiful landscapes of the Rocky Mountains and the hemlock forest of Appalachian Mountains. He received a BA in the interdisciplinary field of Science, Technology, and Society (STS) with a focus in science and environmental journalism. Upon graduation, Theo received a presidential scholarship to pursue interest in product design and there after worked in a sculpture foundry and in the model shop of Michael Graves Design Group in New Jersey. Theo, subsequently enrolled in the Masters of Landscape Architecture from Penn State University with a focus on green infrastructure planning for post-industrial communities.

He has been working at WMF since graduating in 2012, and has since received his Professional Landscape Architect (PLA) license and completed certifications as LEED Green Associate and SITE AP. At WMF, Theo has actively pursued sustainability focused jobs - PSU Urban Forestry Tree Details, Penn State Permaculture Learning Center Wind Circle Garden, and Re-farm Café. He is interested in working on more sustainable land development projects at WMF.

“I practice landscape architecture because I believe that through sustainable design and development, landscape architects can make the world a healthier place to live, by fostering mutually beneficial relationships between natural systems and human creation.”

Outside of work, Theo enjoys gardening, fishing, hiking, snowboarding, music compositions, yoga, church, and hanging out with friends and family. Theo is a father of three children, co-owner of a yoga studio, member of College Township Planning Commission, and active in local church community.