Lina Abdul-Nabi, RA, LEED AP, CCCA

Lina Abdul-Nabi

Lina is our newest addition to the State College office. She is a registered architect and has over twenty years of experience in the field leading planning and design services for renovations, adaptive reuse, and new construction for a variety of project types.

She has extensive experience in a variety of healthcare facilities including specialty clinics, diagnostic imaging, dialysis, oncology treatment, research labs, and surgical procedures spaces.

Lina studied and practiced architecture in her native Lebanon, before moving to North America to pursue a master’s degree in building science at Concordia University in Montreal. She credits these studies to giving her a solid understanding of how buildings as dynamic systems function; and exposing her to many research ideas that have now found their application in construction such as electrochromic glass, and object-oriented programming.

Designing for the health care industry taught me to ask very specific questions about how a space is used by different individuals according to their role. I ask clients/users to walk me through their workday. I believe that in a fast-paced environment that is healthcare where accuracy is essential, design success comes down to putting yourself in the users’ shoes—literally. I find this technique useful in many other design situations where the use of the space has to be efficient but also allow for positive human interactions.


People say I am a picky eater, but I think I am a super taster. You can’t easily trick me. I can detect any slight change in ingredients.