Jeffrey Lander, AIA

Senior Associate

Jeff Lander in the WMF Erie Office

Jeffrey is a Registered Architect, Project Manager, Interior Designer, and a Senior Associate with Weber Murphy Fox. He works closely with the Owner, User Groups and Project Consultants with the desire to achieve a successful project. As a LEED Accredited Professional, he strives to apply sensible energy efficient principles applicable to each project. Jeffrey works on many project types including healthcare and senior living.

Essentially the architectural design process is a multi-faceted problem-solving process. In his daily activities, Jeffrey enjoys applying this problem-solving process to spatial and technical construction details. Jeffrey regularly helps his peers with their projects to develop solutions for technical problems.

Jeffrey’s interest in design unintentionally grew from toys, drawing and reading. Playing with the classic building toys, wood blocks, Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, Legos and building forts in the woods developed a sense of symmetry, proportion and problem solving. Drawing simple images and pictures developed a sense of composition. Reading a wide variety of science fiction, mythology, and fiction developed an imagination.

Jeffrey is an avid cyclist and hiker and enjoys spending time outdoors. Jeffrey can regularly be found riding and hiking the local trails. Recently, Jeffrey has participated in ultra-endurance hikes. Two of his favorite events are the Boulder Beast and the Frozen Snot.

Fun Facts

  • I root for: The underdog
  • When I travel I pack: A toothbrush
  • What's on my pizza: Pepperoni and cheese