Dick Fox, AIA

Emeritus Principal

Dick Fox in the WMF Erie Office

Mr. Fox, an Architect and licensed contractor, joined WMF in 1975 and became a Principal 1978. He has served as President and CEO of the firm and most recently chaired the Board of Directors. Dick has developed a specialty within the firm in the planning and design of various public and educational facilities, as well as, ski resort planning and design.  

The trait that best defines Dick’s professional career is his passion for lean and efficient project delivery systems. He believes that it provides extraordinary value for his clients and delivers better projects, (when measured by almost any metric). This belief manifests in his founding of WMF Construction in 1983. This of course was disruptive to the established A/E/C community at the time. And ever since his leadership has been a driving force in evolving the firm’s Integrated Project Delivery methodologies and has authored a white paper on the subject, “The Guild Master”.

“I like the collaborative nature of integrated project delivery. With all team members actively participating in the process, the team including my client, engage in a way that delivers best value to the client and simply a better project. This harkens back to the days of the Master Builder when doing the job right was paramount.”

An avid fly fisherman, hiker and skier; Dick enjoys the outdoors, regardless of the season. 

Authored Posts

Dick Fox in the WMF Erie Office

The Guild Master

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