Anthony Grace

Senior Associate

Anthony Grace

Tony is a Project Manager and Senior Associate with the Construction Management group at Weber Murphy Fox.  He has over 45 years of experience in industrial, commercial, and residential construction including over 30 years as General Manager, Project Manager, and Estimator. He is honored to share his experience with WMF design teams and our clients.

In his role as Project Manager, Tony works to control a project’s time, cost and quality. He truly appreciates the collaborative process of construction and one of his favorite tasks is conducting construction site job conferences. He closes every meeting with: “I’m just happy to be here and thank you for this opportunity”!

When he’s not creating a Gantt chart to plan office holidays, Tony loves to spend time with his family and especially enjoys time with his grandchildren.

Tony is also an avid dirt track auto racing fan. Growing up and living in central Pennsylvania Tony is close to several venues. In fact, Tony met his wife through auto racing. When Tony was a teenager he helped a friend with his stock car and when this friend got married, his wife had a younger sister who eventually married Tony. They are now approaching their 44th anniversary!