Outdoor and Resort Architecture

​As outdoor architects of public parks and resorts, WMF recognizes that outdoor recreation is fun.

Ski Resort by WMF

People hike, bike, ride horses, drive off-road vehicles, explore historic places, and more. Outdoor activities are quality of life experiences. They are assets that when recognized, stimulated and supported help a community thrive. 

At WMF we use a systematic decision-making process to conserve outdoor assets - urban and rural. We expand their benefits by designing facilities and amenities that enhance user opportunities. Our research and experience as outdoor architects is fundamental to our sustainability philosophy.

Outdoor and Resort Project Types

  • Outdoor Learning Environments and Community Gardens
  • Landscape Art and Earth Sculpture
  • Greenways, Trails and Bikeways
  • Monuments and Shrines 
  • Sustainable Development
  • Rain Gardens, Green Roofs, and Groundwater Recharge 
  • Public Parks, Botanical Gardens, and Arboretums
  • Playgrounds, Theme Parks, and Sports Facilities
  • Urban Design, Town and City Squares, and Pedestrian Schemes
  • Ski Resorts and Waterfronts


Outdoor and Resort Architecture serves communities in many ways. Modern multi-seasonal venues that are conveniently connected to real estate can contribute revenue. Community pride is enhanced when they are tied to cultural, historic and natural resources. They have long been major elements of sustainable communities.

Industry trends include the development of smaller and simpler activities and facilities. This "small and simple" philosophy requires less equipment, time and space. By leveraging freed up green space, nature is more accessible. The approach has the potential to decrease costs, increase demand and reconnect people with nature.