Municipal and Government Architecture

Local government facilities are typically multi-function buildings where the public interacts with the various functions of their government.

Judicial Center by WMF

They must house multiple, independently elected officials as well as governmental department heads and civil servants. These facilities require sensitivity to security, privacy, and accessibility as well as being efficient for its sometimes infrequent users.

Additionally, since they are developed with tax dollars and are highly visible projects, they require a large amount of public interaction. WMF approaches this type of project understanding that time must be allowed in the design process for thorough vetting of solutions with all internal users and the public. We understand that there will never be unanimous approval, but with care, all stakeholders can have an understanding as to what decisions informed the final design.

When successfully implemented, municipal and government architecture portrays a dynamic and enduring public building that addresses a variety of technical, practical and aesthetic matters while defining the values of the constituency it serves within a budget it can afford.

For more on our understanding of the complexities of providing municipal and government architecture, read our whitepaper “Government Interface from the Client’s Perspective.”

Municipal and Government Project Types

  • Municipal Administration Buildings
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Parking
  • Parks and Recreation Facilities
  • Police Stations
  • Public Safety Buildings
  • Judicial Centers/Courthouses
  • Data Centers