| By Dennis Wilkins, AIA, LEED AP & Anna L. Childe, RA, LEED AP

Solving the Increasing Financial Challenges Facing C&U Institutions

Many institutions have already been forced to defer necessary capital maintenance on older buildings, and postpone contributions to capital maintenance funds for the wave of buildings that are now approaching 20 years old. Campuses need to plan for better space utilization, explore multi-purpose uses for existing spaces and perform assessments of existing buildings.


| By Dick Fox, AIA & Dennis Wilkins, AIA, LEED AP

Facility Strategies for Heightened Pathogen Awareness

Life in classrooms across the county has been disrupted by COVID-19. This has introduced the need for educational institutions to protect students and staff from potential environmental pathogens.


| By Dennis Wilkins, AIA, LEED AP & Jeffrey Lander, AIA

Nursing Simulation Lab

Considerations for implementing a Simulations Lab into your Nursing Program.


| By Dick Fox, AIA

Everything They Did Not Tell You About A School Building Project

This is intended as a primer on surviving a public-school construction project (new or renovation) in Pennsylvania.

At this writing, it appears that the State Legislature is pointing toward passing a new bill authorizing and regulating reimbursement for school construction projects.