Industrial Architecture

WMF designed Industrial Building

The manufacturing sector is experiencing a transformation at many levels. As industrial architects, WMF recognizes that technological transformation (internet of things, robotics, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, etc.) is a major driver to improve process, maintain a competitive edge and increase profitability. Equally important it is moving from the image of the “dirty” factory.

As manufacturers see increased demand for their products, there is a requirement to increase capacity and optimize space usage. The resources you need from an architect, can all be provided in-house by WMF to identify and implement meaningful solutions for your growth strategy. 

As an industrial architecture firm, we believe in offering timely, value-based designs to meet your growth strategy. Our integrated project delivery approach can significantly impact continuity of your business while improving the quality of your physical assets (manufacturing, warehousing, office space, etc).
Our approach also realizes savings in design fees, shortens delivery schedules, and produces early and accurate budgeting information.

Industrial Project Types

  • Warehouse/Distribution Buildings
  • Manufacturing Buildings (aka heavy industrial buildings) 
  • Refrigeration/Cold Storage Buildings
  • Flex Buildings
  • Light Manufacturing Buildings
  • R&D Buildings