College Campus Architecture

The collegiate landscape is increasingly competitive as institutions attempt to attract and retain students in a time of challenging demographics.

College Building by WMF

Colleges and universities continue to see facilities play an increasing role in a student’s decision on which institution to attend.

With over 50 years of designing collegiate buildings, WMF understands this condition and delivers projects that enhance our client’s environment in providing students a total collegiate experience.

The cost of education as well as student’s expectations continue to rise. We recognize these pressures and are committed to assisting you in balancing an appropriate design solution with your available resources. As college campus architects, we focus on your goals.

College Campus Project Types

Academic Buildings

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We truly believe that building design can have a significant impact on student success. Our goal is to provide solutions appropriate to each unique client and go beyond merely providing warm, dry, and safe environments. Our design solutions create spaces that inspire educators to teach and students to learn. We have a very strong belief in the fundamental value of education and recognize that it has the capacity to transform and enrich the quality of life for students and faculty.

Science and Engineering Facilities 

West Entry And Courtyard

Science and engineering programs stand at the core of learning at many colleges and universities. At WMF, we understand there is ever increasing competition among these programs for classroom and laboratory space. Because of this, classrooms and laboratories of the future must be adaptable to diverse needs.

We bring a team of laboratory design specialists to customize the spaces, while introducing LABS 21 initiatives to maximize energy efficiency and reduce long term operating expenses. Our goal is to maximize your facility while minimizing your initial investment and ongoing operational expense.

Student housing

Euclid Commons B 2

Housing for today’s college student has become homelike with many of the same amenities students enjoy at home. There are private and semi-private bedrooms, baths, living quarters, dining facilities, fitness centers, computer workstations, and business centers. The availability of these amenities may well influence a student’s decision on where they will attend, thus they serve as recruitment and retention tools for student admissions. Recognizing this trend, we work hard to achieve a design solution that creates a vibrant student living community. We believe successful design delivers the right blend of comfortable living, privacy, and the ability to make social connections supports structured learning and inspires informal learning outside the classroom.

Other Collegiate Facilities 

Career Service Front

In addition to classrooms, labs, and student housing, colleges and universities need spaces for administrative functions, athletics, and student life. These spaces reflect the need to manage the institution and provide social, fitness, and athletics & wellness outlets for the college community.

WMF has experience with a number of these facility types including:

  • Admission, Alumni, and Bursar's Offices
  • Athletics
  • Careers Services 
  • Campus Police
  • Dining
  • Greenspace Improvements
  • Performing Arts
  • Recreation & Fitness/Wellness
  • Student Center