Why Choose WMF?


Most firms state that they listen, but we realize this is just the beginning of the process. Listening describes one way communication. To deliver true value we must ENGAGE through discussion and observation.

We focus on OUTCOMES

The engagement process is geared to determining why our client is initiating a project... and what they wish to achieve. The expected OUTCOMES are continually tested throughout the design process and informs the design, budget and schedule.

We ask ourselves WHAT IF?

Our clients hire us to help them solve their problems, assist them in achieving their organizational goals, and help them transform their organizations so that they remain relevant in their competitive space. Realizing there are multiple solutions to most problems we look at a number of options to achieve the stated outcomes. We share these options with our clients presenting the opportunities and constraints. By asking ourselves and our clients “WHAT IF?” we find the most appropriate solution for each and every project.

We INTEGRATE construction

The project equation includes both design and construction. To ignore construction needs until the project is ready to bid is foolhardy. We INTEGRATE our construction practice into the design process to test budget, schedule, phasing and safety. We do this during the design phase to minimize surprises. The results speak for themselves.

We do the RESEARCH

While every organization is unique, there are commonalities across most sectors. We understand that the best solution is a hybrid of the specifics of our client’s organization and best practice applied within their sector. Engrossing ourselves in RESEARCH allows best practice to rise to the top and help our clients meet their project goals.