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Our Vision

Be the twenty-first century “Master Builder” integrating design with construction.

Our Mission — Do GREAT Work

WMF strives to be your firm choice, offering a diverse palette of innovative, integrated professional services. Our goal is to perform with excellence.

Our Culture

  • Inspiration - We find inspiration from the people around us, places we visit, imagery we see and words we read. In understanding what is important to us, we feel better able to practice our craft and inspire others.
  • Impact - We see impact as a multidimensional approach to affect change within ourselves, office and communities.
  • Innovation - We take pride in our personal and professional creativity and want to foster the ability to grow and develop ourselves and our work beyond known boundaries.
  • Environment / Health - We understand the impact of the built environment, both physical and psychological, and strive to create a healthy atmosphere for ourselves and our clients. In this, we believe that each environment is specific to its inhabitants and we must push ourselves to understand others to be most effective in our work.
  • Integration / Inclusion - We find our strength when working together as a team and view constant interaction, collaboration, and communication as vital to our roles. We respect our peer’s opinions and focus on listening to our colleagues and clients.

Our Actions

Creative sharing, Continuing Education, Travel, Mentorship, Sustainable Design, Contributions and Sponsorships, Community Engagement, Volunteerism, Research and Development, Participating in Conferences, Project Site Tours, Re-imagining the Workplace Environment, Listening and Learning from each other, Teamwork and Trust…

Our Values


We exist to provide the full range of professional service in a seamless and integrated process. Each project and each client’s needs vary and the scope of services will be customized and staffed to meet these needs.


Everything that we do will be focused on gaining and maintaining trust through open and transparent communications and business dealing.


Commitment to meeting the needs of each client and each project, and perseverance in achieving the project goals will be instilled and reinforced in every project team.


We will invest to guarantee that our staff is confident in their knowledge of their areas of specialty and that they have the best available resources to do the best possible job.


Our professionals are part of WMF because they are enthused and challenged by the opportunities that we seek.


Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

We’re different because of where we came from. Over three decades ago we recognized by integrating our in-house construction practice and having a construction professional involved from day one we would add significant value to our clients. When WMF began evolving our Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) system in 1983, we had already tried the available alternate delivery systems. We knew that the traditional design-bid-build methodology had stopped providing good value for most building owners.

Our approach is to treat the project delivery process, including construction, as a professional service, addressing all steps and costs (including our own fees) in a totally open, transparent way. By involving a construction professional as part of the design team right from the very beginning, and openly discussing options as they affect the cost, schedule, and design intent, we can guide our clients through a process that is as lean as possible; and one in which decisions are made within the context of the Owner’s goals, aspirations, and priorities.

It is a completely different paradigm and way of thinking about delivering high-quality facilities.

Information Driven Design

The Weber Murphy Fox design process starts with information gathering through discussion, observation, and research. This identifies the key benchmarks of a project…what is the biggest problem? …what are the expected outcomes? …what has the greatest potential?

We add the experience and expertise of our Construction Management Practice, integrating cost, schedule and quality data points so that we can focus decisions on project specific information culminating in Information Driven Design. The application of informed decisions begins with analysis and implementation. We influence the solutions when information transforms to spaces, volumes and materials.


Sustainable Design ensures that meeting today’s needs does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs. By focusing on the three spheres that frame sustainability – environmental, social, and economic – projects can be developed, and buildings designed in a responsible way to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy productive environments.

Assessment methodologies like LEED, Green Globes, LABS 21, and the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES™) offer additional incentives to address performance. Currently the firm has 10 LEED Accredited Professionals.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

WMF began the exploration of BIM in 2006 to continue to improve the quality and productivity of our professional services, reduce laborious coordination and documentation errors and provide a better basis for project cost budgeting and estimating, phasing and scheduling. BIM use has grown in the intervening years to a point that WMF uses BIM on ~99% of our projects.

BIM’s principal benefit to an Owner is fostering a methodology of enhanced communication and collaboration across the project team and lifecycle. This is particularly true in projects where early constructor involvement is expected, and their input can significantly and positively impact outcomes expected for a project.

Why Choose WMF


Most firms state that they listen, but we realize this is just the beginning of the process. Listening describes one way communication. To deliver true value we must ENGAGE through discussion and observation.

We focus on OUTCOMES

The engagement process is geared to determining why our client is initiating a project and what they wish to achieve. The expected OUTCOMES are continually tested throughout the design process and inform the design, budget and schedule.

We ask ourselves, "WHAT IF?"

Our clients hire us to help them solve their problems, assist them in achieving their organizational goals, and help them transform their organizations so they remain relevant in their competitive space.

Realizing there are multiple solutions to most problems we look at several options to achieve the stated outcomes. We share these options with our clients presenting the opportunities and constraints. By asking ourselves and our clients, “WHAT IF?” we find the most appropriate solution for each project.

We INTEGRATE construction

The project equation includes both design and construction. To ignore construction needs until the project is ready to bid is foolhardy. We INTEGRATE our construction practice into the design process to test budget, schedule, phasing and safety during the design phase to minimize surprises.

We do the RESEARCH

While every organization is unique, there are commonalities across most sectors. We understand that the best solution is a hybrid of the specifics of our client’s organization and best practice applied within their sector.

Engrossing ourselves in RESEARCH allows best practice to rise to the top and help our clients meet their project goals.